Bureau – How our process works for you…

Customs regulations and legislation governing international trade are constantly changing, creating opportunities for cost and service improvement, while at the same time increasing risk for those who are not properly advised. Following a review of your business, once benefits are identified, Britannia Bureau will construct systems specific to you, to provide essential visibility, control and accurate management information. This can include actual versus potential duty spend, measuring cash injection into your business and a full audit trail of all international trade related transactions.


How our Bureau service can benefit you…

  • Control of Commodity code classification

  • Significant duty savings and payment holidays

  • Simplified, automated processes

  • Reductions in clearance fees

  • Immediate frontier clearances

  • Assured compliance

  • Reduced, consistent lead times

  • ‘One stop shop’ for all Bureau operations

  • Single window Customs reporting functionality.

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