Compliance – How our process works for you…

In a post-Brexit trading environment, with Customs legislation, AEO status, C-TPAT, Customs reporting systems, new Free Trade Agreements, Denied Party Screening and carbon emission control, the laws governing international trade are rapidly changing and diversifying. Never has it been more critical to ensure that internal processes and controls meet the required international standard. The consequences for those who do not recognise these changing needs could include heavy fines, increased supply chain costs and ultimately even imprisonment. We can help your business meet and embrace the many benefits these changing procedures deliver. Through our proven methodology, we offer a full Compliance health check, providing a detailed evaluation of your current processes across a mutually agreed scope.


What our Compliance review covers…

  • Training needs

  • Classification reviews

  • AEO gap assessments

  • Compliance reviews

  • Post-Brexit contingency planning

  • Regime implementation

  • Detailed supply chain reviews

  • Environmental auditing (e.g. CO2 emission control)

  • Brand intelligence, copyright, counterfeiting

  • Systems integration.

The feedback from this review identifies risk and opportunity to your organisation.

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