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Let’s talk CDS… (Christmas Deliveries Sector)

What would your job be if you could work in Santa’s Workshop? Reindeer keeper? Toy Maker? PA to Mrs Claus? There must be so many magical jobs up there, that it would be hard to pick just one! However, there’s one job that probably isn’t thought about very often.

Tucked away down a tiny ally, turning left at Hot Chocolate Shop, and opposite the ‘S-Elf Care’ Salon is an office building. This building is lit with fairy lights and computer screens, the chairs are decorated with tinsel, and the filing system is an array of festive reds and greens.

This little office is the Christmas Deliveries Sector.

Not only do they have to navigate Santa’s route to make sure everyone gets their presents on time, but they also have to handle all the changes that have happened recently, like Brexit. I’m not too sure which one would be more stressful honestly.

Santa’s Customs Department is prepared for any item, going to any place in the world. But how do they do it? I know they don’t have a Customs Warehouse…

As the population of the world has just hit 8 billion, and Santa is estimated to visit 395,830,485 households, according to The Washington Post, The North Pole has to keep up with the times. That’s right, they’ve gone digital.

The main areas the CDS have to be aware of are:

  • Commodity Codes

  • Declaring the goods at each border

  • Delivery Times

With the recent tariff changes, the CDS were immediately on the case. They worked day and night to ensure all new codes had been updated, and old ones removed. Then, using a brilliant system called MyFreeway, all products were re-classified. Job one, tick!

Next up, declaring the goods at each border. This is where Santa may run into some problems. If he had to stop at every border and declare every gift one by one – delivering everything in one night would be impossible! But the team are well prepared, and pre-lodge everything beforehand. So, Santa is free to fly right over the borders.

With their smooth system and a newfound love for digital automation, Santa delivers his gifts on time, every year.

But don’t the Reindeer need some sort of clearance? The Reindeer are covered. All documentation is pre-registered, and they keep a log of their journey to ensure they get regular breaks (and lots of carrot snacks too.)

While yes, the Toymakers get to spend their day creating fun toys, and the Chefs get to make endless amounts of Snow cones dipped in chocolate, the ‘CDS’ get to see all those happy faces when Santa delivers the present on time, and they have never failed. Think I might give their Hiring Manager a call…

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