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The future of Customs is Digital!

Do you remember a time when Customs documents had to be physically signed at the port? Or when you only had one computer per office? The thought of going paperless then would have felt impossible!

The world of Customs has sped up. With some courier companies can get you a package from China to the UK in 3-5 days.

But now with a camera in every pocket, and instant internet access, technology is taking over. And in the world of Customs, it’s time to automate, simplify and take your supply chain one step further. With the current crisis surrounding the world's sustainability and environmental safety, being digital has never been more important.

This is where we come in. Let me introduce our internal Customs Management System, MyFreeway. MyFreeway can be tailored to suit any process and provides complete global reach.

So, what can MyFreeway do? You can track your shipments, manage your POs, and even get automated Commodity Code Classifications with our HS Mapping system. Our measurement tools convert critical information from HMRC into crystal clear, compliant management reports. But what about when the tariff updates and all the codes change, I hear you ask? Well, not to worry! Britannia will ensure you have seamless tariff transitions, so you won't even notice the difference. All of this and so much more! Hassle-free, environmentally friendly, maximum efficiency.

With MyFreeway, we will drive your business forward in the most environmentally efficient way possible, giving you back the control and visibility you need.

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